European Fuses

European Fuses - Available in various styles at Norberg-IES

European Fuses come in a variety of sizes and are designed for a wide array of applications. At Norberg-IES, our expert fuse specialists are trained to help you identify the fuse you need and to provide assistance in locating a replacement or determining an accurate cross reference for hard to find fuses or fuse hardware. European styles include:

High Voltage Fuses High Voltage European FusesHigh Voltage European Fuses

High voltage Fuse-links have parallel connected pure silver fuse-elements. The design and methods of production of the elements ensures narrow tolerances of the time-current characteristics. The fuse elements are wound on a ceramic support and are attached to the silver plated connection caps by means of spot-welding.

Ultra Rapid FusesUltra Rapid European FusesUltr Rapid European Fuses

Ultra Rapid fuses are used mainly for semiconductor protection and offer many features and benefits that make them suitable for this type of environment. These fuses are also free of aging, pure silver elements are utilized in the internal construction and afford a low switching respective to arc voltage due to the special element design.

Low Voltage Fuses Low Voltage  European Fuses

NH Fuse-links with top and center indicator are available in a large variety of voltage ratings, body sizes and operating classes:

Sizes: 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4a and 4

Voltage ratings: AC 400 / 500 / 690 / 1000 / 1500 V

Fuse bases and accessories available. All fuses are made of sheet steel base plate with ceramic support low power losses and temperature and are corrosion resistant

Miniature or Electronic FusesEuropean Fuses - Miniature style

Miniature fuses are typically used to protect electronic devices, laboratory and measurement instruments, stereos, TV's VCR's and other media equipment.

D-FusesEuropean Fuse - "D" Style

The diameter of the bottom of the fuse-links are graduated according to current rating. A gauge piece that is matched to the fuses current rating is mounted in the fuse base. This prevents them from being interchangeable.

Current rating: 0.5 A to 200 A

Voltage rating: AC 400 V - AC 500 V / DC 250 V - DC 500 V

Class: gG/gL

Standards: IEC 60 269-3-1, DIN VDE 0636 Part 301, DIN 49515 / 49360 / 49365 / 49522

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