Junction Boxes for Increased Safety

Explosionproof Enclosures

UL Classified Class 1 Div I & II Groups B, C & D, Class II Groups E, F, G & Class III Locations.

In our UL & ISO certified facility, we maintain stock on a wide selection of  junction boxes and other enclosures that can be shipped immediately or modified to meet your specifications through our in-house assembly and drilling and tapping services.

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As a stocking distributor for Adalet we can provide quick turn around on their HV Series High Voltage Junction Boxes. These enclosures are available in stainless steel 316L and 304 and polyester powder-coated carbon steel.HV Series Junction Boxes from Adalet

They are designed to resist impact and prevent possibility of excessive heat and ingress of water or dust, preventing explosions. 1 x 1 Connection Series is for shielded or unshielded cables up to 8kV at 500A, while 2 x 2 Connection Series is for 2 parallel, unshielded cables up to 2kV at lkA total.

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Enclosure Certifications:

ATEX Directive 94/9/EC: CE 0539 Ex II 2GD
EN50014/EN50019: EEx e II T6 (T5 Tamb +55C)
CSA E79-7, IEC 60079-7: Ex e II T6 (T5 Tamb +55C)
UL 2279-7: Class I, Zone 1, AEx e II T6 (Tamb +55C)
UL 1604: Class II, Division 2
IEC 60529: IP66
UL50: Type 4, 4X (stainless steel only), 12 & 13

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